Medical Wastes

The Characteristics Of Medical Wastes

Among the different categories of junk or wastes, medical wastes need special care as these can hazardous to human health as well as contaminate the environment. Medical or biomedical wastes can be solids, liquids of organic matter as well as chemicals and sharp objects. Such wastes can pose threats to the environment as well as to one’s health. Hence, disposal of such items needs to be done in the right manner.

Medical Wastes

Usually, medical wastes are segregated into different containers to make collection proper for the different kinds of wastes. There are color coordinated dustbin containers which are labeled and sealed. This ensures easy collection and removal of medical wastes from a clinic, nursing home or hospital premise. The next step in dealing with biomedical wastes consists of removal of the harmful wastes or pathogens by steam sterilization, shredding, and incineration.

Medical wastes generated in premises where treatments are done in humans and animals; there are specialty services that deal with the collection and disposal of medical wastes. Such services will collect the different kinds of biomedical wastes from labs, vet offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. The facilities usually form contracts with such services to ensure that collection and disposal, as well as management of medical wastes, is well taken care of.

At the facilities where medical wastes generate strict procedures are enacted. These pertain to containing the wastes and preventing harmful pathogens from spreading in the air or being transmitted by humans. The wastes not only consist of human or animal tissues such as skin, blood, and others but also comprise of medical equipment used for treatment such as needles and other objects used to treat or collect samples and so forth. Again, medicines that are in excess or discarded also from chemical based or toxic wastes. The need to segregate the different kinds of biomedical wastes helps to prevent cross contamination.